Oil Spill!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today was the BP Oil Spill talk! We learned a lot about the oil spill and what has happened. National Geographic has a special edition and the articles in there are GREAT! Mallory House ( the house which I, Annie, Justin, Chris and Patrice live in) had the honor of making snack for policy class. See--we have snack every week in policy class because Katy Hall gets very hungry about an hour and a half into the class..
So that being said, we had the oil spill! It was great..(no not the oil spill but our edible creation about the oil spill). Here are some pictures that I hope you enjoy. They are from a book Patrice has.

Back from California!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

California was a blast. I got to drive a tugboat, watch killer whales eat their prey and much much more. It was an amazing experience and tons of fun!!! The best part about the trip was the Monterey Aquarium! It was really awesome. All the animals were so cool and they set up the aquarium so well. I could have spent days in that aquarium. Everything else was wonderful too. I got a little seasick on the whale watch but I was prepared this time with my ginger!! Thank God for ginger!
I'm going to put some cool pictures up now. Enjoy the show.